When we are hired to market and sell a property, we take that job very serious, because we know our job is to get the highest sales price possible, for our seller clients. Every property we market is distinct, so we highlight the best features of each property. Here are some of the reasons we think you'll love working with our team, including examples of our marketing.


Each home we market is given a thorough walkthrough, to determine the best way to stage it. If this is a new term to you, "staging" is presenting your home in the best possible light, by assessing (and adjusting, if needed) aspects of furniture placement, wall colors, and even landscaping. Sometimes the way we live in a home, is different than the way it should be presented to potential buyers. 

Our team is trained in staging and Scott has the Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) designation. This means he's completed specialized staging training, as well as passed a required thorough exam on professional staging.

Some of the benefits of staging are:

  • Faster sales time - reduce time on market
  • Best sales price
  • Professional image - staged homes look better in print and internet advertising.
  • Attract a broader range of buyers
  • Buyers view staged homes as well cared for properties.
  • Home Inspectors view staged homes as cared for properties.
  • Appraisers are more likely to appraise staged homes at full value.

Aerial Video & Twilight Photography

When a buyers are searching the internet, for their new home, we want your home to stand out, over your competition. With that, we utilize aerial photo/video and twilight photography.

Aerial photography and video is shot from an unmanned drone, and gives a high definition perspective, at a different angle, than our professional photography can give. So, it really helps a property grab a buyer's attention!

Twilight photos are shot of a property during what photographers call "the golden hour." This occurs twice a day, as the sun begins to rise, and when it begins to set. They call it the golden hour because during these two times of days, the sunlight gives a perfect golden glow, to most subjects being photographed. Take a look at these comparison photos, and you can see the difference!

Floor Plan

Prior to our putting your house on the market, our professional measurer will make a visit to your home and quickly both measure your home, and also create a hand drawn floor plan of your home. From those initial measurements and hand drawn floor plan, he then creates a computer generated version, that we use to market to buyers and real estate agents.

Property Video

We've been shooting property videos for years, when it was even less common for real estate agents to shoot property videos. With our property videos, not only do we incorporate photos and video of your home, but also video of your neighborhood to help potential buyers get a sense of what is around your home. As the old real estate adage goes, "location, location, location," helps dictate where a buyer might want to move. It's our job to ensure that YOUR location is the one they choose!

Take a look at the video below, for an example of one we produced for one of our Uptown Charlotte seller clients. This loft was in South End, so we highlighted the various commercial attractions in their neighborhood.

Luxury Marketing

Whether you are selling a property that is worth $50,000 or $10 million, wouldn't you rather hire someone that is trained to sell that $10,000,000 property? Well, there isn't a company or association that trains on marketing the $50,000 property, but there is one that trains on selling the $10 million property. That company is The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Their training, like the Accredited Staging Professional training, is hours of specialized training, with a rigorous exam at the conclusion of training. Scott has completed this training and is now a member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) designation assures affluent buyers and sellers that real estate professionals have the knowledge, experience, and unique skills to meet their needs. Members of The Institute who hold the CLHMS designation have documented performance in the TOP 10% of their residential markets and have successfully demonstrated their expertise in the luxury home and estate market.

So, no matter what the price of the property we are marketing, you can expect the best marketing possible!


If a buyer is looking at 5 to 10 homes in one day, with their Realtor®, we want to make sure we give them something to remember your home. With that, we create a professional brochure, so that the buyer has a takeaway, that will remind them of how great your house was! Here is an example of a brochure we created for a condo in Dilworth, that we marketed through our LiveUptownNow.com website.

Brochures for our newest listing in Dilworth's Southborough development. #dilworth #charlotte #liveuptownnow

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Facebook Marketing

While we realize that homebuyers don't visit Facebook to search for property, we also know that many homebuyers are on Facebook, on a consistent basis. So, we incorporate Facebook advertising into our marketing, to help bring extra exposure. Extra total exposure equals extra buyer prospects seeing your property. Extra buyer prospects seeing your property can many times lead to more than one offer.

In the example Facebook ad below, you'll see it reached 11,580 people.

Reverse Prospecting

When the market is as hot as it is right now, it would be easy to just put a property in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and wait for it to sell. But we don't like to wait, and our clients don't either! So, we take an extra step, to make sure that other Realtors in our area, know about your listing and that their client is interested.

If a Realtor has set up property alerts for their buyer clients and the alerts match your property, as soon as your property hits the market, an alert is pushed out to those Realtor's clients. From there, the client can open details on the property and let the Realtor know that they are interested by either hitting a ❤️ or 💡button in our MLS. 

So, we wait 24 to 48 hours, to allow enough time, for those Realtor's clients to ❤️ or 💡your property. Then we compile a list of those agents and email them an email similar to what you see below. Their client's contact info is protected, but we can let the agent know which client is interested, by a corresponding reference number. Then they can reach out to their client, to coordinate a showing on your property. This helps assure that we leave no rock unturned, in terms of you property being shown to the maximum amount of buyers.

Virtual Staging

Some of our clients have either a whole property or a few rooms that don't have furniture. It has been proven many times that vacant properties normally stay on the market longer than properties that are either lived in or are "staged." So, an alternative to having the property staged with furniture, is virtual staging. We can provide this service, to help "warm" up a property that needs to feel a little less sterile, and a little more lived in. Take a look at some of these comparison photos.

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